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Leslie Doughty: Surface Pattern Design, Graphic Design & Illustration in Charlottesville, VA

Passion4Pattern bloghop

It’s finally here…


I’m so excited to be a part of the talented Claire Smillie‘s pattern-loving bloghop today! If you’ve happened on my site midstream and would like to jump in at the beginning of the bloghop, pop over here. A special welcome to those of you that came to me via the loverly Diane Rooney. Please take some time to read about her creative journey. I find her personal stories especially inspiring. And for all you scrapbook lovers, take a spin around her shop. Really. Lovely. Things.

For my part in this illustrious blog party, I’d like to share a little about myself. I’m a graphic designer by trade and have worked as such (art director, creative director, etc) for nearly 24 years. Sheesh, that makes me sound old. I prefer the term experienced. Over the last few years I’ve been looking for a new direction to channel my creative energies into. That’s when I found The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design taught by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nichols. We just finished the third and final module of the ecourse and while I’m not finished with my coursework yet I can honestly say I’ve found what I was looking for: my new passion, surface design.

I’m currently working on building up my collections and portfolio, as well as fancifying my website. I have some exciting things brewing for manufacturing product lines and licensing…more on that soon. For now, I thought I’d share a few of my designs:

So what’s next for me? Onward and upward, hopefully filling my days with more design, happy moments, hot tea and sweet treats. And what’s next for you? Well that would be to visit the amazingly talented Anna Berger. Take a peek at her society6 shop – I adore the knitting bear print! Thanks for visiting my blog today on this lovely bloghop. Cheers!

pattern design: featured in Do What You Love showcase

A big thanks to Beth Nichols of Do What You Love for featuring my design La Cucina in the module 2 showcase today! (And to Rachael Taylor for the repost.) I’ve been busy working on new surface designs and advertising projects. So busy in fact that I’ve decided to hand my website design over to a professional, more on that soon. I’m looking forward to starting into the 3rd and final module of The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design ecourse next Monday.

recent print design: cd sleeve

The Lascivious Deacons are in Memphis right now performing in the International Blues Challenge. I really enjoyed working with them on this project and hope to move on to posters and other collateral materials soon. Rock ‘em out boys!

Featured in Print & Pattern

I’m happy to share with you that I’ve been featured on Print & Pattern, along with a few of my classmates from module 2. I truly believe the possibilities are limitless and that’s a *real* good feeling.

retro dot collection

I’ve just started on this collection. The working title is Retro Dot but I’m pretty confident a more creative name will emerge as the collection evolves. The colors remind me of the early 70′s. I’ve had a flurry of ideas rushing through me. Wishing I could add a few hours to each day to get them in ink.

simple modern

More experimenting.